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Deborah Francis is the COO & President of Built To Prosper Companies Inc.  Deborah is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, investor, keynote speaker, recognized industry thought leader, and an expert on business development. Deborah Francis has developed curriculums and delivered training sessions on entrepreneurship, small business development, and professional development. Deborah has trained, led and mentored hundreds of people with her functional knowledge and educational background. Deborah has a Masters in Secondary Education of English.

Deborah Francis is the founder of Deborah Francis Companies which is an innovative business network that provides strategic investments in a diverse portfolio of companies. Within Deborah Francis Companies portfolio, Deborah owns or holds interests in businesses operating in Leadership and Business Consulting, Legal and Identity Theft Services, Health and Wellness, Real Estate Investment; Book Publishing, Sports and Entertainment. Deborah Francis Companies is headquartered in Orlando, FL, with affiliate operations in New York, NY and Hilton Head, SC.Determined and motivated describes Deborah's focus toward helping others master their lives by planning their destiny. She knows that empowerment resides in the minds of those who seek solutions and put them into action.

Hasheem Francis is the CEO& Chairman of Built To Prosper Companies Inc. Hasheem Francis is an entrepreneur, investor, best selling author, keynote speaker, recognized industry thought leader, and an expert on business and leadership development. With two decades of entrepreneurial and leadership experience, Hasheem Francis is a leadership consultant and advisor to CEOs, business leaders, corporate executives and community leaders across the country. His vast expertise in dealing with business change, along with his strong financial investment background and leadership development skills, enables him to provide unique and unparalleled counsel to a diverse range of industry professionals. Hasheem has served as a founder, partner, CEO, CFO, and leadership consultant for a diverse range of entrepreneurial and mature companies.