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Financial Summit Events

NEXT EVENT:    Financial Summit  
DATE:                April 28, 2018
LOCATION:       Barnett Park, 4801 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32808
TIME:                10 a.m - 1p.m


Here is what you will discover at the Financial Summit

Session  1
Market Strategies

Session 2
Real Estate and Trade Investment Strategies

Session 3
Business Strategies



For more information contact Elie Prophete at 407-575-8881 or email Evanda Prophete at: writingone25@hotmail.com


Wealth Mentoring Program™

Wealth starts with the mind. What are your beliefs about money? Do you have limiting beliefs that are keeping you from making or enjoying the money you deserve? How do you turn around these limited beliefs?

Our Wealth program, will teach you the true path to financial success.

With the help of a mentor, you can:

Recognize and overcome your limited beliefs
You will learn proven techniques to build your wealth
Focus on what you desire
Double your income with starting a business 
Apply the financial principles of the wealthy
Put your money to work for you in the proper vehicle
Create a legacy for your future generation

Wealth Mentoring Includes:
Personal Mentoring Consultant "CASHOLOGIST"
60-minute mentoring sessions (Two times each month)
A copy of Cashology Academy Wealth Workbook
A copy of Cashology; The Science of How To Live A CASH ONLY Life
A copy of Cashology Academy Wealth Journal

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