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CASHOLOGY ACADEMY provides resources and educational products for all who desire to live by the CASH ONLY Principles. We are making a declaration to help One Million Families earn financial freedom and live a CASH ONLY lifestyle.

Many people today believe that wealth is beyond their reach. This sort of thinking has placed countless of people into financial bondage. Accepting a “keeping your head above the water” approach is not living the true life God created you to live. Failure to envision yourself as an asset-builder leads to leaving generational debt that becomes deficits in the lives of your children. We are committed to adding value to the lives of those seeking financial freedom.

CASHOLOGY ACADEMY would like to help you accomplish your wealth-building goals by developing a life plan that addresses your unique needs.

The Importance of Living A CASH ONLY Life By:Deborah Francis

It is no surprise to find out that presently, most of everybody's dilemma is about finances. Money problems usually come and go but for some, it is forever on their backs. They are chained with credit card fees, loans and other avoidable debt.

Debt comes with a price. Not all things that glitter are gold and it is made evident by virtual money. If you are tempted to apply for a credit card and you already find yourself having a difficult time paying your bills, attempt to stop yourself and for a second, think clearly. It may seem convenient but beyond that, all credit cards do is create situations where you spend in excess. Ultimately you end up tricking yourself into paying for a deal you do not need.

An aspect gained in choosing to use cash instead of credit is that it promotes you to manage your budget. When it comes to purchasing items with cash, you are less impulsive. You only spend what you have. If you want to be financially-smart, you have to be firm when it comes to living a cash only life. With a credit card, you have the power to buy what you desire at the spur of the moment and it is probably something you do not need or perhaps, even want.

For example, when you walk into a boutique and you eye a dress you like. Regardless of the cost, you have the confidence of having a credit card to back you up. In an instant, you bring it over to the counter and let the merchant swipe your card for the transaction. As simple as that, you have spent borrowed money on a purchase that does not bring you a return on your investment. When you get home, and look at your purchase you get buyer's remorse that lead to regret. Living a cash only life means you manage your money well and make wise purchases on your needs vs. wants. You can be rid of debt, if you are wise. Money issues are serious. It is important to have a plan of action for your finances. Learn to be smart with your money and avoid spending on purchases that do not have resale value. Choose not be naïve to spend a future paycheck before you have earned it.

It is better when you learn to wait, use discernment and pay with cash. You only pay for what you need and not spend money for quick-fix matters. Sure, credit cards pay for your purchases in advance but they also charge you for it.

It takes discipline to get used to a cash only lifestyle. Wealth management is something you really have to devote time to in order to succeed. It is either you give in and conform to looking over your shoulder for the next credit card bill or stand your ground and feel free in knowing that all your purchases are Paid In Full by living Cash Only.